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This training is meant to be a high level overview of Integrated Services and how this concept affects the way we think about and provide treatment.If your head spins when you hear all the different acronyms, IOS, DSRIP, HCBS, CCBHC, PIPBHC, etc., this training, will provide a general understanding of these methods of providing Integrated, Person Centered care.Additionally, we will focus on how youth are particularly affected by these emerging technologies.A brief overview of the problem gambling prevention, treatment and recovery system as well as updates on service delivery will be presented at the beginning of the presentation.Postvention Response after an Overdose Death or Suicide (September 20, 2018) Per Edwin Shneidman (1972), the term postvention is used to describe "appropriate and helpful acts that come after a dire event." With the increase in overdose deaths and suicide rates, it is essential for programs to have policies and procedures in place to ensure that staff have the support and resources available to cope with unexpected loss.Behavioral health administrators will discuss their experience with overdose deaths and suicide, it’s impact on the workforce, and the postvention protocols in their programs.

This talk will cover the unique nature of a stigmatized loss, the needs of the grieving caregivers, as well as what colleagues, administrators, and healthcare systems can do to support them.The presentation will end with a Questions and Answers session moderated by Brenda Bannon, for Panel response.Antibiotic resistance occurs when antibiotics (medicines used to treat infections caused by bacteria) are no longer clinically effective.The most prevalent co-occurring disorders that accompany problem gambling will be identified as well as the financial consequences.Counselor Sensitivity to Sex Work and Substance Use Disorders (April 4, 2019) This webcast will explore the topic of sex work, through the human rights framework.

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Issues Faced by Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming People (June 28, 2018) The presentation will focus on issues specific to the Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Population.

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