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66 dating

If someone else knows more about these I will post it, so let me know.This is another one that little is known about as far as the dating goes but it seems that the first 2 digits of the s/n signify the date. Again, as far as date of manufacture goes and judging by the characteristics of the rifles I would estimate the early to mid 60's as the time frame.In my opinion, I agree with some of the new dating scheme but I'm not in total agreement with it. The latest s/n for factory 26 rifles that I have seen was 24000000 (24 million) series which would be 1980.This scheme seems to only apply to those rifles made at the Arsenal. I'm not completely sure it works because of the development of new manufacturing procedures seem to dictate a better approximate age. Yes, like I say "Anything is possible with the SKS".All the SKS's produced for North Vietnam seem to have the same serial number sequence and range. After the weapon producing factories were bombed most of the weapons were supplied by the Chinese.China was a huge supplier of SKS's to North Vietnam and many of the GI bring backs are of Chinese origin.

I do not guarantee that this is 100% accurate because as we all know, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE SKS.The Albanian SKS is dated using the numbers on the left side of the receiver. Note after the serial number there is a dash and then the last two digits of the year.Albanian SKS's were manufactured from 1967 to 1979 No SKS's with the years 1972 - 1975 have been documented as of yet.Both these rifles exhibit late production techniques including stamped trigger guards, pinned barrels and spike bayonets to mention a few. Most of these were destroyed after the Berlin Wall came down.If the above mentioned dating scheme of the factory 26 rifles were applied to these two SKS's they would be from the year 1957!! This model is called the 'Karabiner-S' or K-S for short. The model designation is Type 63 Carbine and were produced in state arsenals.

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These serial number series pertain to all Nylon rifles, not just Nylon 66s.

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