Accommodating special needs students in classrooms

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Knowing whether to accommodate or modify becomes extremely important in this process.

Accommodating students means believing that they can achieve what other members of the class can achieve with some help.

The current study aims at identifying child, teacher and environmental barriers to inclusion.

Specifically it addresses the importance of preschool teachers' attitudes as the human environment factor that may facilitate inclusion of children with disability, and teachers' major concerns about environmental accommodations that inclusion implies.

The authors of Accommodating and modifying your classroom environment can help children be successful learners and be an active participant in classroom activities, but remember that deciding which accommodations or modifications you should use will be mostly dependent on the individual child and your teaching objectives.

Descriptors: Inclusion, Special Education, Regular and Special Education Relationship, Student Needs, Individualized Education Programs, Response to Intervention, Observation, Teacher Attitudes, General Education, Action Research, Disabilities, Faculty Development, Teacher Competencies, Elementary School Teachers, Focus Groups, Communication Skills, Teacher Collaboration, Questionnaires, Statistical Analysis American Academy of Special Education Professionals.

; (2) What are the perceived needs of general education teachers in relation to accommodating special education students in their classrooms?

; and (3) In what ways can administration support general education teachers in accommodating special education students?

Thirteen different disability categories are listed by IDEA for ages 6-21.

They are: Century Goals and the Standard Course of Study to having special needs students in the classroom and the challenge becomes even greater.

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More importantly, the students' Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) were not being implemented.