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Trials will begin over the summer with 60 homes targeted.

The goal of SPHERE has always been to test our sensor platform in real-life environments.

We also had the opportunity to meet many of the Friends of SPHERE in the Knowle West Media Centre and used this as an opportunity to talk about what the walls of our homes might say about us, if they could talk.

This gave us a chance to speak to the Friends of SPHERE and, potentially, those who may have the system in their home about any privacy concerns this may bring.

This is an exciting stage for SPHERE as we start to collect real-life data and develop the sensors ability to recognise different activities. On the 15th December 2016 SPHERE had a momentous day as the first deployment in a participants house took place.

This was a very exciting day for the team to see the last few years hard work being installed into a participants home.

For our final activity, we brought together 11 Friends of SPHERE for a workshop.

In this workshop, the Friends of SPHERE completed a data profile of their home, sharing aspects of their life and home with us.

As the Genie will sit in people’s homes and be used regularly, we want to make sure it works well for everyone and that it is inviting and rewarding to use.

Our work has involved a number of different activities, including running a workshop with members of the research team where they wrote a description of the SPHERE home as if it were a Bed and Breakfast.

We wanted to use this to understand how the research team might communicate SPHERE to people who may be interested in living with it.

Ultimately the blue team were champions, with a simple but effective system. May 2017Eur Valve is leveraging a subset of SPHERE to characterise quality of life at home for heart valve replacement patients before and after surgery.

The SPHERE in a Box Kit contains a wrist worn wearable with four gateways and a router.

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We now have the 'deployment' versions of these sensors ready.