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To give a detailed analysis of the rising costs of building materials, transport and other things would require a long time indeed.

Of course, any one thing that is inflated, tends to increase inflation.

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he is aware that the medical panel of the British Council have issued a pamphlet on penicillin for circulation abroad; and whether he will make it available to hon. The purpose of the Medical Bulletin is to keep medical circles abroad informed of important medical research work done hi the United Kingdom.

Owing to the paper shortage only a few copies of each number are available for distribution in this country, but in view of the special interest taken in penicillin, several hundred copies of the number dealing with this subject have been printed for distribution to members of the medical profession in the United Kingdom. Culverwell) on 26th January, a copy of volume I has been placed in the Library.

This Report was presented to the Council of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration at its first session at Atlantic City by the Chairman of the Inter-Allied Committee on Post-war Requirements and is now under consideration by the Director-General Will my right hon. asked the Secretary of State for Air what is the position regarding an aerodrome, particulars of which have been sent to him; what is the reason for the delay in coming to a decision; and what steps are being taken to compensate the company concerned for disturbance and loss on their farming operations. This airfield was released from requisition by the Air Ministry on 7th April, 1941.

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether, in view of the number of missions abroad which have now been raised to the status of embassies and, in view of the danger that a country to which an ambassador is not accredited may feel slighted, he will convert all missions into embassies.

other than Press messages, between Italy and the United Kingdom.

The message to the House from the National Congress of Liberation held at Bari was, nevertheless, as an exceptional measure, accepted for transmission through official channels.

Friend to the reply given on 3rd February to the hon. As I have said, negotiations for a settlement of this matter are already in progress, and I hope the settlement will not be long delayed. Friend will make a statement, and I think the House will be well advised to await that statement. Gentleman say whether the House is to have any opportunity of knowing in advance along what lines negotiations are proceeding, or are we to wait until agreement has been reached, to be faced then with its acceptance or rejection? Friend aware that we had a similar reply on 10th November to the effect that the matter was under discussion; and surely it does not take all this time for the American Forces to realise their moral responsibility in these matters in this country? asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he can make any statement about the stoppage of oil or other supplies to Spain; and if he has any information which indicates an abatement of activities in Spain hostile to the cause of the United Nations.

The American Forces have been driving vehicles about this country for a very long time, and is it not most unfair that people who are injured by American Army vehicles should be in a worse condition than those injured by British Army vehicles? Friend hopes to get a very early settlement of this matter. This is an extremely complicated question, and it is important that we should get a comprehensive settlement. In view of the comparable nature of the jurisprudence of the United States of America and this country, is it not possible to set up an acceptable impartial tribunal for the adjudication of these claims?

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It is considered, therefore, that all questions of heating and cooking should be studied and dealt with separately, in consultation with my right hon. daily for messing repayments absorbs practically the whole of the £40 allowed to them to meet the cost of extra expenses due to temporary transfer; that, owing to the inadequacy of the rates proposed, volunteers are not forthcoming; and if he will consider increasing the amounts to be paid. The rate was fixed in November last on the basis that such men would be provided with free accommodation, and as it is more than sufficient to meet the messing charge mentioned by the hon.