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Anderson cooper dating

COHEN We started running into each other at the Roxy. COOPER I wouldn’t be COHEN We both knew Barry Diller, and we wound up in this group that would travel together, him and his friends. COOPER I don’t think there’s anything I’ve not discussed with him. If I’m in a dangerous place, he’ll text me something funny. COHEN He never asked me for advice, but we did talk about it. Cooper for a hurricane relief segment on “Anderson Cooper 360,” his CNN show.“I paid her to do that,” Mr. “We’ve produced this entire afternoon.”In their less famous days, a high school friend of Mr. Cohen was a producer at “CBS This Morning.” The date never happened, but a friendship eventually did. Their “AC” tour, in which they talk about whatever they like before a paying audience, continues at the Beacon Theater in New York on Jan.

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