Apple iphone 4s apps not updating

Posted by / 10-Oct-2019 01:43

The Notes app received a major upgrade in i OS 9, but my old notes were rolled into the new application without incident.Generally speaking, everything has “just worked,” and while I’m not going to run down an exhaustive list of every difference (especially not since I’m jumping to i OS 9.1 from i OS 7.1, not i OS 8), the changes and improvements I’ve seen thus far have Apple’s new operating systems typically don’t improve the performance of older phones, but these problems are typically confined to app performance or UI transitions. Its keyboard performance, however, absolutely tanked. i OS 9.1 enables predictive typing by default, but it was impossible to type with that mode enabled; it took half a second to a second for the text I typed to appear on-screen.If you choose to update to i OS 9.1, feel free to sound off with your experience.As upgrades go, this one was fairly painless, but I’m hoping a solution crops up for the keyboard woes.

Instead, they’re delayed and often crowd together at the end of a message.

Instead of hearing a steady “click-click-click,” the sound is transmitted as “click—click—click—clickclickclickclickclick.” Combined with the still-noticeable delay, it makes typing on i OS 9.1’s default keyboard feel extremely clunky.

The keyboard problem, at least, can be solved by switching to a third-party application. It’s only a problem when typing on the keyboard, other audio, like Netflix or audio streaming, works perfectly.

OS 9.0 had a fairly quick turnaround as well, particularly considering that Apple promised to evaluate its performance on a wider range of devices and has gradually increased the number of products that each OS runs on.

My own personal phone is an i Phone 5c that I bought in December, 2013.

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Apple has evidently decided that quaint functions like menus and playlists were obsolete and stripped the last vestiges of the classic i Tunes view out of the application.

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