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As well as being titled The Biggest Loser of season five, Ali also got to enjoy the quarter of a million dollars prize money.This winner was so successful at keeping her weight of that Ali was able to forge an entirely new career as soon as she walked away from the show.

This was the first time the producers of the show used contestants’ percentage of body weight loss rather than using just pounds as an indication, giving everyone a fairer chance at the prize.To top it off, Matt’s BMI went from 48.6 down to a much healthier 26.1.It wasn’t just how to change his lifestyle that Matt earned from the show; he also met his future wife, Suzy.That was just 39 pounds away from his heaviest weight of 407 pounds.Erik was one of the many to appear at a reunion party on the talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2009 where he admitted he wanted to lose the weight once more and get back to a healthier size.

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Even though they were both kicked off the ranch, they found love. *Sign up for's Style Tips of the Week and Beauty Tip of the Day newsletters!

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  2. He has a casual, easy-going personality, unconcerned with most situations and assuming that things are going to go fine for him in a way that crosses the line into smugness. Unique among the teenaged cast, he doesn't go to Lawndale High School but instead to Fielding Preparatory Academy.