Call me maybe business cards take dating world by storm

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Dylann Roof and Anders Breivik were manufactured events.

Gilroy Garlic Festival, El Paso Wal-Mart, and Dayton, OH Ned Peppers they're all three fake news.

It was a lie hidden deep inside of a big multi-volume report that everyone accepted as Gospel truth but it was nonetheless a lie well-hidden, and nobody had questioned it, until my work was published by the government.

Most scientists just follow the herd and do nothing original.

It's appalling to see courts and schools encouraging children to believe they have gender dysphoria.

So I'm with you 100% on the social issues of degeneracy, and 100% on the First and Second Amendment.

The controllers always give it away when they show you the shoes, either loose or in a pile. The only one of the recent events that seemed real was the John Earnest shooting in Poway, CA.

It will come bearing new draconian laws that our leaders (their puppets) will accede to. It will come bearing new draconian laws that our leaders (their puppets) will accede to. I'd completely given up on trying to find what I considered intelligent life in this world of brainwashed conformist zombies who seem to be glued to their telescreens.

After that it was Stormfront Action Radio where I started doing a Sunday special show with the first topic spanning two Sundays was about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and then it was the Solzhenitsyn essay "Live Not By Lies," and then the last topic of those Sunday shows was the hoax of the fake holocaust.

On my first call to Don Black I told the story of my front yard art with hand-painted signs hanging from a tree with various messages and one day a TV news production crew showed up and talked to my neighbors to see if they had objected to those signs, where they showed three of those hand-made signs: 'Holocaust' is Hoax, Schools Turn Children Into Zombies, and Lies Trump Truth.

But at the same time more and more people are waking up and seeing the lies of the jew-controlled media to be what they are.

After listening to Don Black and David Duke going on and on this week treating these shootings as if they're real, what I want to tell you is that almost all of these mass shootings are fake.

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