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“I think sometimes girls feel like they don’t have that much power in the hookup world,” Ms.Robinson said, “but this gives them something to bond over, and you can give advice to a girl you’ve never met before.” Appropriately enough, the app was introduced in sororities, which representatives of the company continue to visit.(The company’s spokeswoman declined to explain the ratings algorithm.) Men can add hashtags, which appear in blue, but these are not factored into their overall score.Since it was started last year by Alexandra Chong, who has a law degree from the London School of Economics, the service has provided a sort of “Take Back the Internet” moment for young women who have come of age in an era of revenge porn and anonymous, possibly ominous suitors.Some guys have even taken to Twitter to brag about their score or campaign for better reviews.

“I have written a few reviews to promote guy friends,” Ms. “If a random girl meets them in a bar and is somewhat interested, I want them to have a good rep on Lulu.”But she has also panned men, in a sisterly spirit.His hashtags include #Tall Dark And Handsome and #Cleans Up Good, along with the less flattering #Temper Tantrums and #Wandering Eye.“One of the comments was, ‘laughing at his jokes may take some effort,’ which I certainly thought was subjective,” Mr. “I feel like if you’re using an app like Lulu, you’re probably not interested in nuanced analysis.”Still, Lulu has received over 500,000 requests from men to be put up for feedback.Apparently many believe it’s better to have been badly reviewed than never to have been reviewed.Chong, 32, a former member of the Jamaica Fed Cup tennis team, is now relocating Lulu from London to New York, where she said the audience for her app had grown 600 percent in the last six months, according to the analytics provider Mixpanel.“The trendsetting capital for women is New York and that’s where we need to be,” she said recently.

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“Sororities are an established network of girls who are talking about relationships, and word spreads very quickly,” Ms. “We changed the product a lot with their help.” (She said that a quarter of all college women now use Lulu, according to Mixpanel.)Ms. Chong founded Lulu with a friend, Alison Schwartz, a former assistant to the literary agent Amanda Urban, known as Binky. She said she drew from Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines to come up with the app’s supportive voice.