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Christian parenting teens dating

But none of these things are a Christian parent’s primary goal.

The first and foremost thing is that a Christian man or woman looks for a Christian spouse.

This applies to Christians parenting rebellious teenagers too. It makes it worse because your teenager is probably rebelling because he or she wants the freedom to make his or her own choices.

They do the opposite of what you say because they want to be the ones with the final say in their own lives.

The best way to raise a child up in the Lord is to love them. As a Christian parenting a rebellious teenager, this must be our starting point too.

If you teach them the Bible, if you get them to behave, and you make them really successive people in the world’s eyes, but you have not really loved them, then you have not done your main job. If you try to shape their behavior but they don’t know you are doing it in love, you are setting the groundwork for rebellion during the teenage years. Okay, now here are 3 more practical tips for Christians parenting a rebellious teenager.

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