Christian views on dating and courtship

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Our topic for this episode revolves around Christ and what makes Him unique? Whether or not you believe Jesus Christ is who He claimed to be, you will learn from this episode! If you want to know more about any of these topics you will enjoy listening to this informative episode with Pastor Murphy. Pastor Murphy does a great job of answering practical questions about tolerating sin and the sinner. If Jesus was tolerant, why aren’t modern day Christians? David Murphy answers in this very relevant episode. This episode starts out by answering questions from listeners concerning women writing the Bible and the rapture of the church. Pastor Murphy starts this episode by answering a question about the “daughters of Zion” and who is the “bride of Christ”. Why don't they celebrate the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Is the New World Translation of the Bible reliable? Listen as we review our definition of a Cult and discuss this religion with Pastor/Dr.

This episode finishes with Pastor sharing thoughts on how to witness to someone involved in the New Age Movement. Have the JW's changed their view on social issues over time?

What are the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith?

How does gambling affect the social life of a nation?

How can a Christian be free of a pornography addiction? The practice of speaking in tongues has caused a lot of controversy among Christianity. David Murphy will share with us the history and original purpose of speaking in tongues at Pentecost, and we'll discuss if this spiritual gift is still available and truly used appropriately today. What are some physical things that a couple should know about each other before they decide to get married? Why is it essential to have a man and a woman in a marriage? Does a divorced person ever have the right to remarry? What constitutes marriage from a Biblical perspective? Is a remarried, divorced person continuing to live in adultery? If a married couple cannot have children, what are acceptable methods to having children? What's the basis of a strong marital relationship? Why should Christians even talk about this worldly topic? How will the Christian father's role change in the family and the church after a divorce?

Would the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible be pornographic? What's being celebrated at a Caribbean carnival? Each of these movements emphasize the use of spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit. David Murphy discusses these movements and their focus on minor spiritual gifts. If a couple knows that they can't have children should they still get married? How does God judge the world because of homosexuality? Should Christians be disgusted by the homosexual or try to win them to Christ? If a couple knows that they can't have children should they still get married? How should a Christian deal with a homosexual friend? What should the attitude of Christians be toward sodomy, homosexuality, or same-sex marriage?

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These are just some of the questions that Pastor Murphy answers from the Bible. Are there conflicting passages in the Bible in relation to Eternal Security? Pastor Murphy gives us a thorough overview of TM by answering the following questions along with many others. How is it that so many Eastern religions and philosophies are getting rooted in the West? Listen as Pastor Murphy shares Biblical principles and verses about the key teachings of this religious movement. What is the structure and organization of the SDA church? White, and why are her writings important to the church? Listen as we review our definition of a Cult and discuss this religion with Pastor/Dr.

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