Classified dating

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Classified dating

This old newspaper advertisement in the Business Personals section of an Ohio newspaper initially seems out of place and sounds, appropriately, more like a business proposition.Interestingly enough the gentleman placing the advertisement is casting a fairly large net looking for his love connections, advertising in Ohio when he’s living in New York.Ads not conforming to these guidelines will be removed.

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In some cases, a dowry may have been what was required to meet with some potential suitors.

At times, advertisers for potential marriage partners laid all their proverbial cards on the table, stating their assets and asking for specific goods (money, a home, etc.) that the potential bride had to bring in return.

You can use the tools in the My Ads area to manage all of your row2k classifieds.

Finally, we ask that, if your ad is successful, please support row2k with a donation to row2k for the classifieds service.

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