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Cupid adult chat

When I refused, he started abusing me,” Ashish says.

The man was joined by two others who physically assaulted him and tried to snatch his chain and phone.

5 | Making Gay men pay Besides lonely middle-aged men, widows and divorcees, romance scammers often target the queer community as they are more reluctant to go to the police.

They are often lured on dates, drugged with a spiked drink and robbed of cash and jewellery. As in the case of Mumbai-based Ashish, who was on a work trip to Delhi last July when he met a match on a dating app.

1 | Russian Biwi Con The Russian Wives scam is a classic.

A pretty young thing befriends an older man online.

Hyderabad alone reported 11 such cases of fraud in four months.

Scammers usually pose as doctors or military personnel as that inspires trust, sometimes even introducing other “family members” to give their story credibility.

The fraudster’s webcam is mysteriously broken, but with a combination of flattery and persistence, he convinces his “partner” to partially disrobe or perform other intimate acts.

The scammer then claims to have made a video recording and threatens to post it unless the victim sends money.

She sent over Rs 5 lakh, but later realised she had been cheated when there was no call from the customs officers and the doctor she had been talking to for weeks,” says the ACP.

The case was finally cracked when the man was arrested from Noida.

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As in the case of 44-year-old Hyderabad-based divorcee Haritha (name changed), who joined a matrimonial portal and met a ‘’doctor’’ online. Before long, the chats became longer and more frequent.

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