Date and dash speed dating reviews

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Date and dash speed dating reviews

Before the internet, speed dating was one of very few options singletons had to meet people outside of their friend’s network. I hadn’t really got a clue what to expect but dressed smart, polished my shoes (yep went all out) and headed down with an open mind.

I’d tried speed dating before, many years ago and found it rather painful. Arriving at the side street Brick Lane venue I was greeted by the hosts and given a score card and name badge. On the card were some question tips and some do’s and don’ts. Ok so that’s me being a millionaire banker out the window….

I emailed the event director, Vilius Gavrilenka, and he simply said he was sorry and I should reschedule.

I asked how often the events get cancelled and he didn't reply. So, I emailed again and he finally replied with the same canned response from the first email, but did not answer my questions.

You had to hammer blocks out without the whole platform collapsing and the man falling to the table. Oh wait I’m meant to be talking to the lady sat opposite me.

The games actually proved to be more of a distraction rather than a conversation starter.

ondon has no shortage of choice when it comes to dating events.

I had 3 or 4 matches from that night, one of whom did respond to a message on the system, the others didn’t appear to check, that’s through any fault of the event though but more likely due to the gap in between and people getting on with their busy lives in the smoke. I never for a moment guessed that dating in the city would be such an eye opener.

The rest of the dating crowd were scattered around the room, on one side the guys, the other the ladies. I took a deep breath and sat right in the middle of the female group and started a conversation with a lady drinking what appeared to be the largest cosmopolitan cocktail I’d ever seen.

Most appeared to be newcomers to speed dating, I asked if they’d come prepared with any questions but mostly they hadn’t.

Forge Forge is there for those who like to work hard and play harder.

Situated on Cornhill just moments from Bank, this is a bold venue that brings some sophisticated drinking, dining and dancing to the city.

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I've since been informed by Date and Dash that they did...continued This event was absolutely awful from start to finish. Women were sitting for long periods of time with nothing to do.