Dating a kenyan man in america

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Only a tiny minority (15 per cent) prefer women who are five years younger than them.

The majority prefer a woman shorter than them (45 per cent) or the same height (26 per cent).Of those polled, 24 per cent thought height was a moot point.An overwhelming majority (70 per cent) of men polled thought the ideal woman should not have any children with only 15 per cent saying it did not matter and 10 per cent ready to tolerate one child.The clear winners are the medium-shaped women, who were cited as the preferred choice for 76 per cent of sample population.Majority of those polled prefer women who are up to five years younger than them (41 per cent) or same in age (28 per cent).

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(2) (3) (4) A startling new survey has for the first time revealed the kind of woman the Kenyan man desires – she has a chocolate brown complexion, is of medium build, works part-time and has no children.

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