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Dating advice for big guys

The very next guy I hooked up with was so big, like 10 inches, that I thought I was holding a steel pipe when I reached into his pants! I had heard from a girlfriend that a guy we knew was particularly blessed in his nether regions. We started fooling around and I was literally tongue-tied when he whopped it out! Suddenly I had visions of him on top with me, seeing his member slithering visibly under my stomach skin like the chest-bursters in !

We did not sleep together, and he was very understanding about it.” – Miyako, 29.

I would usually try and give him a blowjob but could only get the tip in.

I’m sure this was unsatisfactory for everyone involved.

Open communication is essential for either of you to have a good time during any form of big dick sex. Conquering Mount Everest is definitely a brag-worthy feat, but arriving at the base makes you realize the pain you’re about to endure just to make the summit.

This is how you should feel about conquering every inch of your partner’s manhood.

A well endowed penis can seem sexy and exciting, but those who have actually slept with a big penis may say differently.

If you’re determined to make the most of your sex life, we suggest the following tips: #1 Relax. The more you freak out the more anxious your body will be when the big moment arrives. If you thought you needed foreplay for an average sized penis, you’re going to need about 10-times more for the gigantor you’re now up against!

To view photos of Cabrera’s gigantic bandaged penis that he can slap against his own face when sitting down head over to Cosmopolitan’s story on this. Reasons why having a big penis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be Having a large penis definitely isn’t as glamorous as you think it is. [Read: 18 fascinating and unknown facts about the penis] “I was once about to hook up with a guy who was so small I thought I was cupping a testicle when I reached into his pants.

We did not end up hooking up, and I left very disappointed. “My last year of college my boyfriend and I broke up, and I was ready for some mindless sex.

It would be foolish on both of your parts to expect to use the entire length inside your vagina.

Only let him insert as much as you can take and have him do careful thrusts from there. 15 quick signs that something’s not right] #6 Choose the proper position.

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I’m not a cheater, and I don’t play games with girls.” –Mark, 33, 9” “Girls talk. Everyone at the bar I frequent knows my size because of a waitress I hooked up with there. But at the same time, not to sound like a baby, but I feel like the girls are only interested in me for my dick. Turns out the only weapon he was concealing was his massive 9-inch flaccid penis.

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