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It has expanded since the 1960s from 26 stations on three separate lines to 68 stations on four lines totalling 69.2 kilometres (43.0 mi) in length, serving the north, east and centre of the Island of Montreal with connections to Longueuil, via the Yellow Line, and Laval, via the Orange Line.The Montreal Metro is Canada's second busiest rapid transit system, and North America's fourth busiest rapid transit system, behind those of New York City, Mexico City and Toronto, delivering an average of 1,367,200 daily unlinked passenger trips per weekday (in Q4 2018).You swiped right with a heavy, heavy hand this weekend and have multiple dates lined up. Maybe you want a wine bar, maybe you want the option to eat, maybe you want to take a romantic walk through the TL.

If you happen to be dating someone a bit (or a decade) older, Sessions in the Presidio is a very adult spot to grab a drink.

Good for an early evening cocktail and a walk along the water towards the bridge.

While Forgery can get packed around happy hour time, it tends to get more laid-back as the night goes on.

Reed & Greenough is our go-to spot for drinks not only because we live around the corner, but also because it has strong cocktails and pool and shuffleboard and free bar mix. It’s a bar that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and why not start the game-playing on the first date?

And if you like to date on the cheap, the happy hour deal is pretty great too.

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Unique beers and wines, a classy set-up right inside the Presidio, and a vibe that might help get you over the mental hurdle of moving to the suburbs. Date night plan: go to a movie at Kabuki and get drinks before or after at Social Study.

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