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Dating by astrological sign

Personally, I'm wondering who should I date in 2019, and I think my zodiac sign might be able to give me a hint.After all, my zodiac sign helps me be mindful that I'm prone to jealousy, can carry a grudge like nobody's business, and can be a little too intense at times.Once all the details are arranged, you might then start daydreaming about all of the wonderful things 2019 holds for you.Maybe you'll start a new job, make a new best friend, or fall in love!

Plus, Cancer will already have the emotional history and comfort with this person, so they can let them into their hard shell a little easier than a total stranger.That's why Aries should try dating a pacifist in 2019.Being in a relationship with a person whose knee-jerk reaction is to seek peace and harmony might make Aries rethink their "win at all costs" mentality.A single Scorpio has a laundry list of reasons why they don't want to date the single people they already know, so a complete stranger holds a certain allure for them.A perfect stranger is a mystery that Scorpio can't wait to discover.

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