Dating fender amp pots

Posted by / 07-Jun-2020 11:49

Remember, your amp is newer than the newest component.So if you find pots from late 68 and transformers from early 69 you can be pretty sure your amp is a 1969.The code follows the format: XXXYY ZZ where: XXX = a two or three (possibly four on newer amps) digit number indicating the manufacturer.(see chart below) YY = is a one or two digit code indicating the year.He recently worked on the new TV documentary Irish Chicago for WTTW Channel 11.Covert is a student of communications media studies at North Park University.

The fist Master volume controls were first installed in 72.This will give you a very accurate date of your amp.Dustin Covert is a freelance writer for the arts and entertainment section of the North Park Press in Chicago.Next, (if applicable) look for the date code on the tube chart.If your amp dosen’t have a date code, flip the amp upside-down and check the transformers, and speakers for their manufacturer codes.

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