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Today, Klerksdorp is the centre for a large mining and agricultural economy and boasts the second largest grain co-operative in the world.

Attractions include Goudkoppie (the old mining shafts dating back to the 18th century), Klerksdorp Mines, Ou Dorp Hiking Trail.

It lies approximately 80 miles (130 km) southwest of Johannesburg.

Opened by President Paul Kruger when the line from Krugersdorp reached the town in 1897, Klerksdorp's first national monument.

Archbishop Desmond Tutuwas born in Klerksdorp and his birth site is located just 4 kilos of the N 12 Treasure Route.

Plans are currently underway to develop a commemorative centre to honour the Nobel Laurete who is also an honouree citizen of Klerksdorp.

This shaft is located off the n 12 Treasure route as you enter Klerksdorp.

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968 graves of British soldiers and their families who died in the Klerksdorp Concentration Camp during the Anglo Boer War.