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Objects from nature, such as shells, fruit and flowers, were used in designs.

The simpler patterns suggest the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods with clean, fluid lines and elegant ornamentation, including Cartier`s triple-gold wedding band, which consists of three interlocking bands of white, pink and yellow 18-karat gold.

by Hagerty, Reed & Barton Hagerty Silver Keepers are made from Silversmiths' Cloth that contains R-22, a tarnish preventative that protects polished sterling and silver plate from tarnishing by neutralizing airborne sulfer (the cause of tarnish) for years.

The silver storage bags from Reed and Barton are made from 100% double napped tarnish resistant flannel cotton.

There`s La Maison de Louis Cartier, named for the founder of the company.

Flatware usually refers to the utensils used in a dining set.

This includes spoons, forks, knives, and serving pieces.

In many countries around the world, sterling silver flatware is associated with elegance, and sometimes even royalty.

For many years, sterling silver flatware was considered essential to setting the table at a formal event.

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