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Dbsk changmin dating

Members that are no longer with the group are Hero Jaejong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu. However, they made their comeback as a duo in May 2011, and appear to be going strong.

This is an extremely broad question that isn't specific at all, so I'm going to answer this assuming that you mean the breakup of DBSK since I have no way of knowing what you're actually asking.

ACCORDING TO SOME WEBSITE: -He liked this girl a lot. Then they eventually became girlfriend and boyfriend.

But this made them awkward to talk to each other SO they continued just BEING FRIENDS.

I mean him and I are so alike, we’re both really cute people, have some what manic personalities etc.

I feel like we would have couples clothing and share makeup. Sooo Friday night can be spent planning couples activities while he teaches me to cook something he really likes! Kris E (Personal KPOP Radio: DBSK ‘Mirotic’) Want to be totally connected to us and in the know?

I can't say I know for SURE but I know, if you're talking about Shim Changmin aka Choikang (Max) Changmin of Dong Bang Shin Ki aka my hubby in my dreams, I would say his closest celebrity friend (outside of d BSK) is Kyuhun from Super Junior.

Soo Ide like to spend my time with him at an arcade getting crazy competitive, eating cotton candy; the blue one cuz although the pink is pretty the blue is ultra yummy!Changmin and Yunho are to remain under SM Entertainment going under the label TVXQ rather than TVXQ/DBSK. when Sam starts to fall in love with Max and as they grew older they started to have sex with each other.When Max turned 18 he married his father and they lived happily ever after.They're uber close, as revealed on various variety shows.There are 5 members: U-Know Yunho: leader and main dancer Max Changmin: vocal Hero Jaejoong: main vocal Micky Yoochun: vocal Xiah Junsu: main vocal, dancer As of 2010, however, only Yunho and Changmin are officially part of TVXQ. Although it does say she gets married and has children, Max is not mentioned, so we can conclude that Liesel married someone else instead of Max.

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The only time they actually had time to do an interview.

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