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Dealbreaker is a hilarious reference guide to the qualities that, when discovered, transform the "date you hope to go home with" into the "date you pray never calls again." A "dealbreaker" could be an annoying habit (you talk through movies), a physical attribute (your soul patch), a lifestyle choice (your cucumber melon body spray), a worldview (your delusions of grandeur), and everything in between!

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They now bring their unique sensibilities to Dealbreaker (the book), at the risk of rendering themselves undateable to anyone who Googles them. Did you hear the one about the bartender and the rabbi?

If not, you'll find it in this delightful book-along with hundreds of other jokes and funny stories, classic and brand-new-about the denizens of bars, pubs, and watering holes everywhere. Infuse your life with desert vibes, from home designs and entertaining plans to wellness rituals, with this beautifully illustrated lifestyle guide from the creators of The Joshua Tree House.

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Their early deal-breaker that stated, “You’re not Mark Ruffalo” (“Look, we’ve tried everything, but you’re not Mark Ruffalo”) kept me reading.

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