Digital dating guide

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Digital dating guide

If you’ve raised her affection level to the current max on the bar at this point (which you will if you’ve answered all the questions the suggested way and given her the earrings) you’ll have unlocked her first locked conversation. You can give her a gift if you wish, at this point just go with whichever you feel like buying before.

If you haven’t you can do the other options first to raise the bar more. Sana isn’t a “mature lady”, so probably stick to the other items.

Nanami will then message you, respond with: Yeah, I did. Fifth “Date”: When you get to the marked location, Yukko will message you in a panic, and you’ll run over to help Nanami. After completing Amane’s Side Cases related to Calamities she’ll eventually message you saying thanks, and you can then respond to her and take her out on dates. respond with: I believed you from the start You’re right.

Yukko will then message you, then after you should message Nanami when you’re ready, she’ll ask you to go for dinner with her. When you get there nothing bad has happened though, and Nanami shows up too thinking you were in danger. She’ll message you back a bit later saying a Cow Calamity is going to befall you, and basically just agree to her messages and she sorta talks her way into a totally not date.

After completing her side mission she will text you later. You can then go meet her at her usual spot in front of Theater Square, where she’ll have quite the crowd gathered.

You’ll find the weird dude harassing her near the convenience store, and you’ll have to beat him up. When she texts you for the first time after the side case: I’m just glad you’re safe. Yeah (If you want to do the date right away) Can’t wait to see you. Second date: You won’t get a choice on what to do, you’ll just head over to darts with the two girls.

You can run through these in any order, then once you’re done select “End the Conversation” once you’re finished. Pick a location to go to, but you’ll be stopped by the “very passionate fan” of Sana’s. After she makes you some food: Sing her praises Questions can be ask in any order again: Remind her it’s getting late Respond to her texts: Make me some more next time. She’ll text you again later asking to meet up, respond based on whether you can at the moment or not.

How nice they are doesn’t seem to immediately matter, but be nice and crack a smile and snap the picture when Sana puts up a peace sign. Third Date: If you have the suit from La Marche you’ll put it on. After this she’ll text to meet up again, so respond when you want to meet her.

You can then opt to stop him your fists, and you’ll easily slap him around outside. Third Date: I opted to go all in, and respond with “You’re beautiful”.

When she texts you back after, respond with the following: Me too. I then opted for the casino, as it was the last place to go to. Don’t be a perv, and assume she’s talking about your calamity.

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If you want to buy her a gift, you should pick: Heart Earrings When she asks where to go, select: Arcade Once there, she’ll say she’s collecting the dog plushies and wants the brown on at the front.

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