Druze dating service

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Druze dating service

Due to their unknown population history, remote living and the theoretical prohibition of marriage with non-Druze, the Druze have been characterised by some authors as a ‘population isolate,’ ‘genetic isolate’ and a ‘genetic refugium’ e.g., making them attractive candidates for epidemiological studies.

Although such inferences cannot be drawn based on a presumed social structure and geographical preference, genetic efforts targeting the Druze have identified several rare, mainly monogenic, recessive disorders like Behçet’s disease in several Druze individuals.

This question is particularly challenging given the Druze’s original nomadic lifestyle and the development, over time, of their esoteric religion that incorporates Isma’ilism Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Christian, Neo-Platonic and Persian influences.

Druze biogeographic affinity, migration patterns, time of emergence and genetic similarity to Near Eastern populations are highly suggestive of Armenian-Turkish ancestries for the proto-Druze. D., remains a fascinating question in history, cultural anthropology and genetics.

Contemporary Druze comprise an aggregate of Levantine and Near Eastern communities residing almost exclusively in the mountain regions of Syria (500,000), Lebanon (215,000), Israel (136,000) and Jordan (20,000), although with an increasingly large diaspora in the USA.

A population movement followed by gene exchanges with other populations modifies the admixture signature, while isolation and segregation preserve the original admixture signature of the migratory population.

Therefore, GPS predictions correspond to the last place in which significant admixture has occurred in relation to the reference populations, termed here biogeographical affinity.

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Although very little is known of the religion itself, since the actual practices and the scriptures, tenets and beliefs are zealously guarded, its conceptual montage is highly suggestive of a diverse origin.