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Properly configure the IP of the printer, and connect it to your switch or router -- preferably a router (it will assign an IP that is compatible to your network).

2) Right click the network connection and choose Properties.

3) Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then choose Properties.

I've had this problem with various laptops - some handle it better than others.

Is there a OS specific (Windows 7/XP) feature that will cause the Wired LAN adapter to take full precedence over the WLAN adapter?

4) Scroll down a little bit and locate Home Group connections section.

Please don’t freak out, this is not at all a hard question and there are indeed solutions available.Some users commented saying that they are able to solve this problem by typing in their Microsoft username and password, which is not hard to understand, since Windows 10 relies heavily on Microsoft account.Try use the username and password for your Microsoft account instead of that of your local account’s and see if this helps you as well.Sometimes the event log will log the message, "msg: unsupported ID type 5." If the identification field value is 5 in the identification payload, this means the payload is carrying the ID type 'ID_IPV6_ADDR.' Meraki does not currently support ID type 5, so an error will appear for these ISAKMP messages.This message will appear for devices that do not have an IPv4 address assigned to them directly, and, as such, are reliant upon an IPv6 transition mechanism like NAT64 to reach the Internet.

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