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Edit: You also should make sure you have this VS patch installed: and VS 2008 SP1 (install SP1 first! Then you just need to have: I'd like to present a slightly better solution.

I have been using j Query Intelli Sense in VS2008 and it has been great.

These annotated "-vsdoc.js" files can include XML comments that provide help documentation for Java Script methods, as well as additional code intellisense hints for dynamic Java Script signatures that cannot automatically be inferred. You can download both j Query and the j Query-vsdoc file from the official download page on the j site: Save the file next to your file in your project (and make sure its naming prefix matches the jquery file name): You can then reference the standard jquery file with an html comment at the top of a standalone file.

When you do this VS will now look for a file in the same directory as the script file you are referencing, and if found will use it for help and intellisense.

Open your JS file and once the "Updaing Java Script Intellisense" has gone from the status bar of Visual Studio (there is a menu option which will force the JS intellisense to refresh, don't remember where it is, I just created a keyboard shortcut via the Tools - Keyboard area) open up your Errors window and under the Warnings you should find the reason why the intellisense has failed to load.

It's generally a bug found when parsing one of the files but I have had stack overflows when I had a lot of files referenced.

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Rick Strahl also has a good post about using j Query intellisense here.

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