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Error validating user via ntlm

This document is the extended Kerberos guide which includes full background and context.If you do not have hours to read through this guide, please check out the simplified Kerberos guide: , please also check out the a tool meant to simplify the Kerberos setup process.

Example (Server 2003):ktpass -princ HTTP/[fqdn-of-appliance_lowercase]@[DOMAIN_UPPERCASE] -mapuser [USERNAME] -pass [PASSWORD] -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -out [OUTPUT-FILENAME].keytabktpass -princ HTTP/[email protected] will still need to run the setspn commands from AD. Transfer the .keytab to the Web Gateway filesystem (using a tool such as Win SCP). The commands used to add my alias: # ./ktutil add_entry -key -p HTTP/[email protected]: This is not for importing, only for mapping/merging purposes. LOCAL -k 4 -e DES-CBC-MD5 [ktutil will prompt for key (from keytab generation)] wkt /root/ q See below screenshot for example: Server 2008: See below for commands needed when updating a keytab generated on Server 2008.This ruleset is the framework for which we can mold to our needs.Prior to adding the ruleset, you must solve any existing conflicts that may exist.

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