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Feet fetish dating sites

Shortages of AMD’s high-end parts persist nearly two months after their launch, our testing has shown that not all Ryzen 3000 cores can hit the top advertised speed of the CPU, and almost all X570 motherboards require active cooling -- something that hasn’t been common since the days of dedicated northbridge and southbridge chips.

But if you don’t want to deal with the whir of an extra fan (and an extra potential point of failure), you can of course opt for a lower-cost previous-generation 400-series motherboard with AMD, although you’ll then lose PCIe 4.0 support.

But if Intel is indeed sticking with 16 lanes of PCIe 3.0 for its next-gen CPUs, AMD’s 24 lanes of PCIe 4.0 (which you’ll admittedly need a fairly expensive X570 motherboard to officially make use of) represents a 200% bandwidth increase compared to what Intel will reportedly offer with its new CPUs.

Add the lanes from the chipset as well as the CPU, and that disparity is almost certainly going to increase even more.

Unless Comet Lake-S somehow turns out to be far more impressive than it looks on paper (granted, again from unconfirmed leaks), Intel’s next-gen desktop chips will be a Broadwell-like stop gap at best.

Speaking of AMD, let’s look at how the above rumored Intel specs compare to what’s available from Ryzen 9 3900X today, as well as what will be available soon (AMD says September) with the 3950X.

AMD in 2019 is offering more cores at a lower TDP (thanks to that sweet 7nm TSMC manufacturing process and AMD's different method of measuring TDP), and faster officially supported memory speeds than what it looks like Intel will be bringing to the table next year with Comet Lake-S.

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Yes, Intel looks to be implementing yet another socket change for these new parts, requiring new motherboards for anyone who wants to swim in Comet Lake’s waters.

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