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Four square dating

Think making Open Table reservations within Foursquare.

Or checking into a Zipcar lot and selecting your car in-app.

The first step will be the inclusion of events happening tonight in Foursquare’s Explore section.

If Foursquare allows people to broadcast their plans ahead of time, there’s no reason why they can’t be what Plancast tried to become, “Foursquare for the Future“.

In anticipation of Foursquare’s three-year anniversary, AJ examines the success of Foursquare from a Product Manager’s perspective.

He currently works on startups in local discovery and e-commerce.

Dennis himself expects the deals companies be cut out of the equation — which could be accomplished through a rumored partnership with daily-deal aggregator Yipit.

Combining discounts with the Plans feature above would be even more enticing for users.

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We never share specific product plans ahead of time, but we’re focused on designing product around the intersection of people, place, and time, and events are naturally a big part of that.