How to not be a pushover in dating

Posted by / 24-May-2020 01:47

How to not be a pushover in dating

A few months into our relationship, I started to get irritated with him and I couldn’t put my finger on the problem.

The fact is, my girlfriends love sitting around and gossiping, and my boyfriend just doesn’t have much to add to the conversation.I always tell him to stand up for himself, but he just forgives and forgets instead. I can get past making all the day-to-day decisions, like what we should do over the weekend or what color throw pillows we should buy for our couch.Ultimately, those aren’t decisions that have serious consequences.They might snap at you, or they might leave the relationship.If you think you might be dating a pushover, then consider helping them to be a little more open and honest with you.

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When my boyfriend and I started dating I couldn’t believe how similar we were.