How to not take dating too seriously

Posted by / 30-Dec-2019 15:07

When you start seeing guys as people too and creating bonds instead of profiles, you will stop expecting all the bells and whistles and start enjoying the quality time you are having with someone.

Getting too serious too quickly might mean you are looking for something in relationships that you ought to be finding elsewhere, especially within your own self: perhaps acceptance, or love, or validation, etc.

If things don’t work out then you gain a friend, if they do you gain a partner. But stop thinking so far ahead and ultimately, shooting yourself in the foot.Or, maybe you just haven't had enough relationships to practice finding a rhythm and investment strategy that works out best for you.There is no standard number of relationships or months or years, as we tend to learn at different rates and require adaptation to different preferences from one another anyway.Once a relationship has been established, I think it’s completely fathomable that chivalry can make appearances and show it’s sweet side but expecting it on the first hang out is only setting yourself up for failure.So, on your journey to true love, as you file through the men of your life, don’t get discouraged if things don’t always pan out the way you believed they should after a first “date”.

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You might not even like the guy you went on a “date” with but because you’ve been waiting on edge to see if he’d ask you out again you’ve become attached.