Intentional community dating

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Intentional community dating

If, after this talk happens, the CMT feels the Community was not aware of significant information when they gave input, a new input period will happen after the new information is put out.

The community provides medical exam forms and instructions to prospective members.The options on provisional membership polls are: ACCEPT, REJECT, VISIT AGAIN.Provisional member polls are distributed to all members.) Members will have up to ten days to give input or respond to a poll. There are no set restrictions on interpreting input or poll results. Flexibility and consensus are valued in making Team decisions.2.An ecovillage is a human-scale settlement consciously designed through participatory processes to create regenerative communities and lifestyles.Ecovillages work with the four dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, ecological and cultural.

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must be a three-week visitor in the Visitor Program, approved by the Visitor Manager.

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