Intimidating someone bigger than you compare absolute dating withe relative dating

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Intimidating someone bigger than you

This is a trick that goes against what many fitness “gurus” are currently stating.Everyone says that if you lower your bodyfat, you will appear bigger.Therefore, your peripheral vision will scan what’s around the face, which is the neck and traps area. Interestingly, neck training is THE most underrated form of training that currently exists.If a person with small traps turns sideways or to the back, he immediately looks scrawny. Other than field athletes, wrestlers and fighters (who have impressive necks), nobody else seems to train their necks.This is true when you are overweight or chubby, but not when you are already lean.If you are sub 15% bodyfat, you are not maximizing your overall size.To accomplish this, simply focus on developing your rear and side delts.

Don’t forget that when you talk to someone, the face is what you’re looking at. Here is another super important trick, which is probably just as essential as training the traps.Just observe the guys at the local gym, and you will find this to be true 100% of the time. This is dissapointing and frustrating to me, because someone can look SO much bigger if they actually trained their neck.In fact, if you were extremely skinny all over your entire body, but had an impressive neck, you would automatically look like you lifted weights. Here is a picture of a random guy who happens to have a thick neck.It’s what you see when you strike a double biceps pose, or when your arms are in a relaxed state.So quit focusing on presses alone to build big triceps.

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It’s a universal law that shaving your head bald makes you look more muscular.

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