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If you fancy looking for an escort in Jakarta, then some for the best places to find them are in the ayam bars which you will find throughout the city.

You would also know that they had decent education, came from decent families and probably wanting to settle down and not play around.

Weddings – if you have the chance of being invited to a wedding ceremony, take the opportunity to go there.

Sure an expat would love to be able to meet a good girl in Jakarta whom they would like to date and perhaps want to marry.Plus, these girls have probably passed your friends’ standards and they know that she is a good catch.Classes – enrolling at classes such as cooking or dance will also be a good way to meet Jakarta girls.Arranging dates through good friends – if you are getting sick of the bar scene, asking a good friend for help to hook you up with a local girl in Jakarta would also be a good idea.First is that you would know they are within the same social circle, have had good education and are earning decent money.

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If you are up for some casual fling then meeting naughty Jakarta women is easy.