Koori dating

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Koori dating

Aboriginal people existed in this region long before the sea rose to its current level and the present Bherwerre Peninsula was created.The oldest archaeological evidence of Aboriginal occupation in the region includes a site at Burrill Lake, about 30 kilometres south of Jervis Bay, dating to more than 20,000 years ago.The majority are shell middens, but there are also rock shelters, burial sites, ceremonial grounds, stone-flaking sites and axe-sharpening grooves.The distribution of these recorded sites emphasises the importance of the eastern end of Wreck Bay.Free big and tall online dating site and chat app for single men and women.You looking for filipino women for dating or marriage?The high density of midden sites here mirrors the preferred fishing zones of the present Community.Ceremonial grounds are known only from the immediate hinterland of this section of Wreck Bay, and nearly all known axe grinding groove sites are in the catchments of Mary and Summercloud Bays.

It holds the evidence of the traditional owners' ancestry and with the wind, the water and all life reflected in the past, it is the home and spirit of the Wreck Bay people.He may well be home by now, and it is not Esteban whom I go to see.The former got there first, but the military man, who was twice his size.The community owns another 403 hectares next to the park.More than 100 prehistoric Aboriginal sites have been recorded on the Bherwerre Peninsula, some probably dating back to the stabilisation of the sea level about 6,000 years ago.

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