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As Alec goes upstairs, Lisa runs down the stairs and throws a plate of custard in Alec's face and Lisa tells Tom and Matt to run.Alec chases after Lisa, Matt and Tom, who all outsmart him with confusion.In History, Matt says he isn't feeling well and Cracker says he needs to barf and Miss Holmes thinks he means a bath, but Lisa says he needs to throw up.

Tom presents the straws and it happens to be Lisa who drew the short straw.Matt notices how much custard Lisa has and she says she just likes it and Cracker offers his custard in exchange for her tart.Cracker then tells Matt to come with him so Lisa can eat her custard and once they go, Lisa scoops the custard into a carrier bag.Lisa believes Tom did the only sensible thing and Lisa asks Cracker and Matt not to have a go at Tom on Monday.Tom tells Lisa that they have to get Alec, but Lisa is adamant that she isn't taking part in anything violent and Tom says he's blown that option.

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Lisa advises him to leave it, but Tom is determined to think of something and arranges to meet at break.

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