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Live free one to one sex animated sex chatbot

When it's some kind of monster (often used) than you can be sure of being perceived that way..

And with Second Life still fresh in memory, people understand very fast what an avatar is.

People will promote terminology that's in their own self interest...because we're humans, not bots.

Which leads me to suggest that different terms should be applied to different business, technology or academic applications. Different business verticals will adopt their own naming convention, including e Learning which will have a few of it's own.

Most other synonyms in the list are too long or not familiar enough.

Best Michael It seems to me that many of these "synonyms" imply a good deal of intelligence that most chatbots don't possess.

You just have to explain that it can be used to enhance the experience & brand instead of deteriorate it.

Disagree with @Richard, and even idea of of a single term (that one or two people or companies will "own" that Search term).For example, just because an AIML bot is used in a learning environment, doesn't mean that it's a pedagogical agent without significant additional programming. First, congratulations to the team at for pulling this list together.Good information for the industry and great topic for discussion.Sales Exec includes efficiency tools like; local presence dialing to reach and identify 60% more sales opportunities, with automated text SMS, and email nurture to reach customers at the right time in their buying journey.Sales Exec will also help your marketing team by capturing and intelligently routing and prioritizing all web leads and phone calls.

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"Chatbot" while classic, carries a very heavy negative connotation if used for commercial applications. Additionally, the function of a "chatbot" differs within the commercial sector, many are used to bring up web data, not actually respond with conversation, some are conversational with Links to data, some are purely conversational.

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