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Festival Days Sim Date is a romantic dating simulation game for girls.Mayu is a high school student who loves cooking and dreams of working in a cafe. Click here for the walkthrough and list of cheat codes.The game is based on the fan fiction of the author (known as “Maid for Me”).

Click here for the walkthrough and list of cheat codes.In a way it's relaxing and I could probably drift off to sleep to it if I tried. XD) I knew instantly when the game started up you had done the art work and was very impressed by the color schemes and character designs you had created for each character. As for the game play I liked how it was straight forward and not as complicated as some dating sims can be. Some of the dating sims I've played only allow you to talk once, give a gift once, do some other action (if available) and then kiss. I think it fits them all well, as well as their design and personalities, Xam is a narcissist/superficial, Angel likes to seek pity - in my opinion - Rylee is bubbly, and Riri is cold at first. After this incident, Cero had forgotten what his muse looked like and lost his passion for painting.Cero became a depressed insomniac after this incident.

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The voice sounded like it belonged to the gypsy he had met earlier, only prettier. Especially if you reach a point in the game where, say you just want to work on your currency, save, then focus on a character, end the game, and load from a previous session with all the money you earned.

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