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It’s not a healthy mindset: it kills our self-confidence, as well as our ability to approach each new person without imputed baggage.

Both of which hold us back from genuinely engaging with the right person when we do meet them. Whatever it is, we don’t like to bring it up because we think it is a limiting factor, a check-mark on the List of Reasons Not To Date Us.

Close friends provide much needed relational security and are bedrock to dating from a place of strength.

It’s critical, too, to have close friends of the opposite gender.

Because when you’re busy loving your life you become *more* attractive, not less.

We don’t want to rescue someone from their loneliness, we want to join them on an adventure that has already begun.

ave you ever dated someone and thought ‘this person has their sh*t together’ and not just their personal life, but their dating life? Whatever you’re looking for, be candid and date within that lane. The challenge with dating today is everyone is trying to ‘play it cool.’ They’re interested, but they’re trying not to show it. Express when you’re elated, sad, turned off, or interested. When you’re forthright, you give the person you’re dating the permission to be so too. ” If you have an incredible, magical life, you’ll naturally be protective of it and not want to let trashy people into Disneyland. They’re loud, they’re rude, and they generally wreak havoc on the park.

We have to get over the concept that everyone has to be our cup of tea, and that if they aren’t, there’s something wrong with them (or us).

It’s so important to build a life you love you start dating.

Things to get passionate about: your job, your hobbies, your family/friends, trying new things, an upcoming trip, books you’re reading, little adventures in every day moments.

When you ‘play’ at dating, you’re making it a game — which is so high school. Here are just two of mine: Your filters should reflect what you look for in a partner.

For me, it’s certitude, intentionality, and responsiveness. Take the time to think about what you really value, and how you can filter for it early on.

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Make it a habit of engaging those around you and you’ll never run out of interesting people to date.