Male behavior in dating

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Despite what they say, women will always have a soft spot for nice guys.You know, the type that helps elderly people cross the street, pacify crying babies, and ones who help overburdened ladies carry their groceries. Nice guys are easy to approach and less likely to make them feel uncomfortable.So aside from being a nice guy, he could also flaunt his looks by dressing up in a trendy way, showing off his gym-sculpted muscles, show off his wealth by sporting expensive clothes or driving an expensive car, or show off his intelligence by dominating the conversation.[Read: 10 unassuming signs that show you’re dating a jerk] #3 Peacocking among nice guys. A guy who does this cannot be judged as doing it for show. They just flaunt it when a girl of their type is around watching him.But guys take extra effort to make themselves look like a million bucks if they know that they’ll meet a woman they would like to impress.If by day he’s just a plain dresser, you would be surprised how he can transform into someone you won’t recognize overnight. Let’s say that there are a bunch of guys waiting in a room.Meaning, the more attractive the girl is, the likelihood that a guy peacocks also increases.

Male peacocks are known to flaunt themselves and their decorative plumage whenever a female peacock is around their immediate vicinity.

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#5 Peacocking behavior still depends whether the girl is a guy’s type. Guys still lean towards the girl of his type regardless of her level of attractiveness.

If a guy displays this behavior between an overly attractive woman and a lesser attractive woman of his type, he’ll choose the latter. [Read: Science of attraction – 17 aspects that go far beyond appearances] Types of peacocking behavior among men While it may sound superficial to show off whenever a girl is around, it offers a level of success for men to get a girl.

And that is one reason why this behavior is deep-rooted in their system.

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