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"Is it okay for you to be at a party with bunch of girls? " Turns out Nino asked Masami and she answered, "It's fine, go ahead.". According to reports, he was very careful about protecting his private life.In order to avoid the paparazzi, he and Masami usually meet at home.She is an employee in a promotion firm who had met Nino some years ago while doing promotions for one of his movies and from the looks of her confessions, did some happy times at her apartment.

well I think I should include her here, whoever she is, fake or not. C-mi is said to be Nino's "sex friend" who unleashed the naughty secrets of the baby-faced idol.At that time,an insider, who knows when these two met for the first time says "It was 2 and a half years ago that they met on the set of Yasahi jikan and that was the point in which they become close to each other"The two started dating after the filming of their drama ended.They started off with a close brother-sister relationship, and Nagasawa did mention to a acquaintance: "I am now into the music that Ninomiya-san has introduced to me" Ninomiya used to visit Masami’s place very often, taking the earliest train back to his apartment by morning, but on a 2010 issue of Shukan Josei, it was reported that the Arashi member stopped going over since March, the month of their supposed break-up.But one thing is certain: The expectation of them becoming a nicely married couple has long faded into the wind... I was such a fan ='(Mizukawa and Ninomiya first became a rumor in January of 2010 when Shuukan Josei reported that Nino and Mizukawa went out for a meal metropolitan nabe bar Hormone, in Dogenzaka, Shibuya together.They were in the bar until late at night just leaving after five hours at about midnight disappearing down Dogenzaka together.

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All through the four years they were always rumored to have broken up, they've actually been seeing each other.

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