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Mainstream Jewish groups generally have rejected Messianic Jews, seeing them as luring Jews into Christianity under the pretense that they can maintain their Judaism even while accepting belief in Jesus.Messianic Jewish Bible Institute officials declined several JTA requests for comment.Sources close to the former president said that an aide recommended accepting the engagement without understanding Jewish sensitivities.

“It is, whether they realize it or not, a marketing tool, not a discovery.” It’s not clear if Bush initially understood what an appearance at a Messianic Jewish event would signify.“The real intolerance is coming from those who apparently think that no Jewish person should ever be exposed to the claims of the most famous Jew who ever lived.” Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles said it was “laughable” to suggest that American Jews are not regularly exposed to the claims of Jesus.“It is dishonest, deliberately or inadvertently, to say that one can live in a Jewish faith community and accept another scripture or accept a different God,” Wolpe told JTA.“I think there’s a distinction between the gatekeepers and the general community within the wider Jewish community,” said Rabbi Russ Resnik, the director of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, an association of some 70 Messianic synagogues around the country.“The gatekeepers have to be vigilant and at times overdo the vigilance.

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