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Nasty chat

Everyone I know — from people who are deeply involved in covering this political moment to those who are not particularly politically engaged — are having conversations about how to find moments of peace and respite.People saw Trump as “crazy” in part because he was villainous. his administration is actively harming people with mental illness in so many ways, and they’re able to get away with it because we still believe those illnesses are personal failings.But I’d hoped voters were seeing what we were seeing and wanted it to stop.As I mentioned in my essay [“Is There Ever a Right Time to Talk to Your Children About Fascism”], my mother had ingrained in my head that fascism never really goes away, it just lies dormant for awhile — and when things go bad, people look for a scapegoat, there’s a mob mentality, and people like to be told what to think and what to do.But I’m in no position to put anyone on the couch, even if I do find myself thinking about Trump’s mental state. I hate that there is way more discourse about Trump’s mental state than the state of mental health care in this country.

Intellectually, I wanted to have an uncomplicated connection to the Women’s March, to the largely white crowds of women marching. Contending with those feelings was really important to my mental health.

So I wrote Randall and he asked me to send questions to Christopher Gordon, a comedian, actor, writer and rapper. Well, my papa was an assistant cameraman on Marlon Perkins' Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and later, promoted to cameraman-cameraman.   The things they do and their gross diets, are just what makes them "vicious."   But, I think you'll find these animals, deep down, still need their mamas like we do; they need food and oxygen just like us.   To me, there's no dif between any of these vicious animals and say Bernie Madoff. I think I may have to go with a "whale."   At least I'd be able to sing all day and remain a mammal! x-id=ca7dd4db-6552-48b7-84a5-8c0518fbfb50" alt="" /> How has your life changed since you posted that video -- does 5.2 million views on You Tube make things better or worse? Sometimes, I'll forget what I've done and when I get to the window, I say, "thank you, doll," and they're all, "Randall? " Yeah, when I'm out with pals, I'll usually have them do all the talkin'. UPDATE: Randall's honey badgering has gone commercial, literally. The two of them would just make all these wild videos with friends of theirs and I was off doing my own thing.

Gordon then conducted the interview and sent back these answers.   My father was always traveling and filming all of these outrageous animals and seeing so many beautiful cultures and people; he'd come home, set up the projector and show us all of this incredible footage!   As well, my grandmother and her friends (whom all, truly raised me) would take me to the zoo, like, twice a week without fail.   I mean, there's someone who just took what he wanted and didn't give a s**t.   I-I'd be awful scared, but would calmly roll on the ground, get up and run backwards 50 yards, while covering my neck. On the new ad, Randall narrates an animated highlight reel of his famous viral video. I mean, I just don't know what kind of life that'd be running around chasing after another animal to eat it; or, be chased around to be someone's dinner. The timing was just right and so, now in addition to doing improv with In Rare Form, a group out in Los Angeles, writing, acting and rapping, Christopher has become my assistant, my editor, my man in the booth and my guiding light, really.

I’ve not been to so many rallies and protests since the late 1980s and 1990s.

Well, one thing for me is that I had a full-time job last year where I had to be circumspect about expressing my political beliefs.

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But the honey badger rules -- crossing the 5 million view mark since uploading in mid January. Glee's Sue Sylvester referenced the "honey badger" in the latest episode ... it's a clinic in being badass that you can pair with a Merlot. Tell me how you came up with the idea of narrating these videos of animals. I think we get caught up in everything being so cute and friendly. I think it goes back to society's obsession with nasty lil' things. It's the reason those Real Housewives shows do so well. Then, I sprinkled my narration magic dust on it and I think it resonates so well because of the combination of that footage with my narration. You know, most wildlife narrators sugarcoat things. So I think people enjoy the "realness" of the video and ultimately, the honey badger itself.