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Ok so now my rando(male stripper) now get on to real thing show me your cock I just stood on my knee and opened my hold pants she just got a little shocked and told its too bog your uncle have so small and she just caught my full rock hard cock and keep it in her mouth half and more in at a single time and started to suck it like a child sucks lollipop I felt like I was in heaven it felt so good…and as this was my first blowjob I just threw my cum in her mouth in 10 minutes she just ate all my juices without leaving a single drop and again played with it and made it in its size within just 5-6 minutes and figured it to her pussy…she was down and me from above slowly played my dick around her clitoris and hole and made a powerful jerk and my dick was half in and she shouted a big moan aaahhhhhhh!

I was surprised how could my dick go in so easily and later knew that she used 9 inch dildo daily as my uncle used to be out of house and he couldn’t satisfy her….after that I slowly played my dick in and out.

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Came to Australia 11 months ago, things did not go as expected initially, still struggled to get to a place where I was able to help people.

People asked for help once in a while and I never denied.

I also always used to flirt to her saying she was so beautiful compared to my uncle…and one day even asked her the straight question I think you married my uncle for his money coz he’s not so good looking…she just yelled at me saying no he’s handsome and made her face frown down…

I could understand her and I tried to comfort her catching her hands.

I am also in Australia and let me tell you this, noone is gonna do jack shit for you unless it benefits them somehow. Sounds selfish but I always think of something my friend says -“bhagwan sabkaa bhalaa karey magar shuru mujhse karey” 😂1 maina dekhi euta kt sanga boli raxu. Nepali is your daily source of free Nepali, Pakistani, indian, Desi and hindi porn videos and sex clips.If you are a fan of this type of adult entertainment, enter our pages and access everything, without any kinds of hesitations. We will give you amateurs, teens, mature housewives, exquisite MILFs, horny girlfriends, college girls and many more, from the exotic land of hindi sex.Turns out all of them here are selfish piece of shit and are thinking me as a yes-man who follows what they say. I am now surrounded by such fuckers in every place from home, to work to college.

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She was making a loud moans ahhhhh…eeehhhhhh…ahhhh…yessss….sounds were getting louder I was going fast and fast I was afraid whether my cousins may know so kept my hands on her mouth and my dirty aunt she started biting and sucking my fingers.

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