Paying for adult video chat by checking account

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Every app that has a private message feature has people who speak sexually.From my personal experience, if you screenshot the conversation and report it to a leader or the Amino Team themselves, it is usually handled quickly.ive been told that my art sucks and i should just stop trying. I search for victums in every comunity and i target then to be the nicest to.

(Note: a super ban is a ban that bans the entire account from the app.) Over all, I rate this app 5 stars, and give it a 13 age review, as people do swear on this app.I have grown to love Amino and it is my first favorite app.I'm a leader on multiple communities on Amino and I just wanted to give some insider advice.A person I used to know ended up revealing mine, themselves another person I used to know's exact location, as well as sending them photos of me and the other person without consent.I warned them about the danger, but they did not listen.

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After removing the app she finds ways to get back on secretly. It most likely wasn't as sexual content is banned and is an offense that will get you removed from that community.

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