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Use grouped buttons when you need to capture a selection from a list of options.

A simple example involves a series of radio buttons allowing the visitor to choose their salutation (Mr., Mrs., Ms.) in a form.

This type of button is called a radio button or radio group.

When you create a group of radio buttons, only one selected state is visible at a time.

Understanding the pros and cons of each functionality makes it easy to choose the right control for the task at hand.

Push buttons are the simplest and most common type of Flash button.

A more complex example of a button group might involve a tabbed panel presentation.

In this scenario, the buttons would look different but they behave the same way by showing a single selection in a group.

Web and desktop applications collect user interaction through button clicks.

They are basically clickable graphics that might show a rollover state, an icon, and a label (see Figure 2).

Push buttons have the benefit of being simple to set up and use but they don't interact with other buttons or save their selected (clicked) state visually.

Use toggle buttons when you need to provide a single true or false type of option.

A simple example of a toggle button would be something like a "Send me updates by e-mail" check box at the end of a registration form.

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