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On August 18, 1956, Bill married Rosalie Marie Profaci (born April 14, 1936), daughter of Salvatore Lawrence Profaci, Sr. Salvatore was a brother of Profaci crime family boss Joseph Profaci.Salvatore served as Joseph's consiglieri in the Profaci crime family from 1931-1954.

De Cavalcante crime family boss Sam De Cavalcante later remarked on Bill's poor treatment of Rosalie: "It's a shame; the girl wanted to commit suicide because of the way he treated her".

As part of this peace agreement, Bill also resigned as consigliere and moved out of New York with his father.

In the late 1970s, Bill and his brother, Joe Jr., brought high heat in Northern California after getting involved with Lou Peters, a Cadillac-Oldsmobile dealer, in the San Jose, Lodi and Stockton, California areas.

Bill and Rosalie eventually had four children; Charles, Joseph, Salvatore, and Felippa ("Gigi"); Charles was adopted by Bonanno and his wife in 1958.

Bill's first ambition (after a try at law school) was to manage the legitimate end of Joseph's farms, factories, and the real estate empire.

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The Bonannos were looking to buy him out for $2 million.

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