Science of dating events using ice speed dating near albany ny

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Science of dating events using ice

Although naturalistic science claims to be neutral and unbiased, it starts with this bias.Making a distinction between operational (observational) science and historical (origins) science helps us to understand the limitations of these naturalistic presuppositions in science.Although the effects of the Dansgaard–Oeschger events are largely constrained to ice cores taken from Greenland, if only the most recent 50,000 years from the GISP2 core are examined, the variation of the trigger is ±12% (±2% in the 5 most recent events, whose dates are probably most precise).However the older parts of the GISP2 core do not show this regularity, nor do the same events in the GRIP core.Science means “knowledge” and refers to a process by which we learn about the natural world.There are two different kinds of science; observational and historical.

Lifeless randomly interacting chemicals would have to be able to create the informational blueprint for an organism and the code to transmit that information, as well as a system for deciphering and implementing that code.

Without the supernatural, there is no basis for logical, orderly laws of nature.

In its original form science simply meant “knowledge.” Now, the denial of supernatural events limits the depth of understanding that science can have and the types of questions science can ask.

Indeed, the Vostok ice core was drilled before the Greenland cores, and the existence of Dansgaard–Oeschger events was not widely recognised until the Greenland (GRIP/GISP2) cores were done; after which there was some reexamination of the Vostok core to see if these events had somehow been "missed".

The events may be caused by an amplification of solar forcings, or by a cause internal to the earth system – either a "binge-purge" cycle of ice sheets accumulating so much mass they become unstable, as postulated for Heinrich events, or an oscillation in deep ocean currents (Maslin et al.. More recently, these events have been attributed to changes in the size of the ice sheets The former determines the strength of the Atlantic Ocean circulation via altering the northern hemisphere westerly winds, gulf stream, and sea-ice systems.

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Historical science deals with the past and is not directly testable or observable so it must be interpreted according to your worldview. Non-Christians must borrow biblical ideas—such as an orderly universe that obeys laws—in order to do science.

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